WebIO 7

Internet Device Gateway

Monitor, control and automate devices in your home or office via the Internet and Smartphone. New to WebIO 7 is wireless control of lights, AC appliances, hardwired inputs and relays. Several more Internet communications protocols have been added to keep you informed including Google Cloud Messaging directy to your Smartphone or Android device. Other options include email, SMS text messaging and other TCP/IP protocols for advanced communications.

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Connect it - Automate it.

Like a multi-function Internet army knife, WebIO 7 intergrates several input/output and sensor options all into one automated system:

  • 4 wired inputs
  • 4 SPDT relays
  • 16 unique wireless controlled AC outlets
  • 255 unique power line controlled X10 outlets and other X10 devices
  • 3+ wireless temperature sensors
  • 1 Internal temperature sensor
  • Android Smartphone App
  • Advanced automation, monitor, log, graph and notification PC computer software
  • Internal automation controls

Oh yeah, it's got apps.

Stay connected - take control

The Android app keeps you notified, connected and in control with direct access to your WebIO 7 in a convenient smartphone friendly way. Turn on/off AC lights/appliances, set relays, read temperature sensors and wired inputs.

Stay informed via Google Cloud Messaging service which allows WebIO 7 to send sensor events to your phone based on user defined rules.

  • Receive a notification on your phone when a wireless temperature sensor has exceeded 100 degrees F.
  • Be notified when your home door bell has been pressed using a WebIO 7 input channel.
  • Be notified when AC power has been lost at your vacation home (see application how-to information).
  • And many more events from devices connected to the WebIO 7 wired inputs.

WebIO 7 is also compatible with the WebIO KeyOn and WebIO Temperature Monitor Windows PC software used by WebIO v3 & v4. The PC software provides for advanced configuration, logging, advanced email notification rules, graphing and more.

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